Yuko Kida


Graduate Student

Email: yukokida@mit.edu

I was born and raised in Japan. After graduating high school, I started attending Orange Coast College, a community college in southern California. After spending one year as a business major, I realized my lack of passion for money-making and found joy in learning science. I then changed my major to chemical engineering and after two years, transferred to UC Berkeley where I spent two years to obtain a BS degree in chemical engineering. I then spent one year working for Cataler Corporation in Shizuoka, Japan where I learned that fishing is fun and fuel cells not so much (the picture is from fishing by a lake near Mt. Fuji, I am on the left and my friend Mayumi on the right). In fall 2008, I returned to the US to start the PhD program at MIT. I am now a member of the Green Group working on the mechanistic study of desulfurization of oil using supercritical water.