This is not a complete list of postdoctoral research positions. There are often positions available in the Green group in kinetic modeling, quantum chemistry, experimental kinetics, reacting flow simulation, and other related fields. Please email Professor Green to see what is available at any given time.

Computational / Quantum Chemistry and Kinetic Modeling of Fuel Chemistry
Required: Ph.D. in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering + some quantum chemistry experience

The introduction of alternative fuels, and the improvement in existing fuels to meet tightening environmental requirements both raise a number of questions best answered by developing detailed models of the fuel chemistry. However, many of the rate and thermochemical parameters in these models have never been accurately determined.  You will work with a team of kinetic modeling experts and experimentalists to calculate key parameters needed to accurately model important fuel chemistry systems, and compare your model predictions with experimental data. Responsibilities will include developing and applying the methods of computational chemistry, quantum chemistry, and automated kinetic modeling to fuel chemistry problems. The work will involve a mix of applying existing computational methods, developing new approximations, and writing computer code to facilitate development and use of these detailed simulations.