Peng Zhang

PengVisiting Student


Peng was born and raised up in Xihua, a small city in central China. He majored in Thermal Engineering and received his BS from Tsinghua University in 2013. After that, he continued pursuing his PhD there in the Center for Combustion Energy. In the first two years of his PhD, he developed an interest in experimentation and spent lots of time building, validating, and improving their rapid compression machine. His study, enabled by the rapid compression machine, focused on two-stage ignition and low-temperature combustion kinetics. He is dedicated to developing a low temperature combustion mechanism for alkyl-cyclohexane since cycloparaffin is an important component in the transportation fuels but little is known about its low temperature kinetics. In view of the issues associated with manually building mechanisms, he decided to try something new.

Currently Peng is a visiting student in the Green Group and will stay here for 1 year trying to learn and apply RMG in the development of a series of mechanisms for alkyl-cyclohexane.

In his free time, Peng likes reading, playing baseball, and exploring the city.