Combustion Modeling of Jet Fuel: JP-10

JP-10 (exo-tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene) is an important fuel in military applications, particularly in the development of air-breathing propulsion systems. jp10-moleculeOne the main advantages of JP-10 as a fuel is its high volumetric energy density; it also offers low freezing point and good heat transfer properties. Significant ongoing research is focused on the development of ramjet, scramjet and pulse detonation engines that burn JP-10 fuel. JP-10 is “simpler” than other jet propulsion fuels in that it is essentially a single-component fuel. A detailed model of the complex chemical kinetics of JP-10 combustion and pyrolysis was constructed with the help of RMG, an open-source reaction mechanism generation software package. Automated mechanism generation helped circumvent the challenges associated with the large size of the mechanism. Novel features including on-the-fly quantum calculations and ring-straining corrections, were used to estimate the thermodynamics of the relevant polycyclic derivatives. This project highlights the current capabilities of computer-based kinetic model generation (particularly in RMG) as well as opportunities for further research.

JP-10 Network


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